Property Management

We believe in networking as a powerful tool to secure financially sound deals. Creating and maintaining solid business relationships is a key strategy.

Collection Of Rentals

TUPA’s core business relates back to comprehensive property management, from day one (up to and) inclusive of first payouts and disbursements for and on behalf of our clients. The main purpose of this personal service and experience is to ultimately make each property a financially viable entity

Conventional Billing and Pre-paid

Conventional Billing via COJ

Municipals are paid via download of city Johannesburg statements.
We diligently check utilities to be correct, accurate and actual readings.

Meter Reading Service – Pre-paid

We have a joint venture with Eskom to minimise the high cost and extreme usage via our buildings. As the power grid in South Africa is being overused and the country cannot supply enough power, therefore we are ensuring a greener and more efficient future.

Letting and Lease Negotiations

TUPA’s standard lease agreements have been based on leases drawn up by the Institute of Estate Agents and recommendations by senior attorneys and advocates. Our residential, commercial and industrial letting departments have developed expertise in drafting and negotiating lease agreements tailored to suit both the owners and prospective tenant’s requirements.

Accounting and Administration

The accounting department oversees the TUPA computerized property management system, which is a state of the art Nicor System, (the same used by major corporations such as Investec) in order to cater for all aspects of; Property Management, Credit Control, Space Management and Cash Management. The System ensures tracking of all vacancies, listing pertinent details such as rentals and operating cost rates per m2 and provides automatic escalations of rentals etc. With supporting reports for renewals options or rent review anniversaries. It raises recurring charges automatically until flagged to stop, produces all accounting records i.e. Debtors Statements, Owners Statements, Rent and Levy rolls and, related general ledger and building data reports.

Sectional Title Management

The professional implementation control and management of Bodies Corporate in terms of the Sectional Titles Act. We strive to keep all trusties appraised of the content innovations and technology in the market place. We support NAMA (National Association of Managing Agents) as good management requires informed and involved Trustees.

Building Maintenance and Control

Our maintenance department has extensive experience in building maintenance and related functions and continuously supervises all maintenance. The department deals with tenant complaints and maintenance related problems and has experience to handle any situation that may arise.

Property Development and Property Upgrades

TUPA’s has the infrastructure and experience to assist with developments from initial zoning applications etc. Up to the finalising the tenant mixes with letters of intent. Further TUPA’s has vast experience in the upgrading and/or the conversion of properties to fit our clients particular need and requirements, suited to their portfolio.

Property Marketing and Sales

TUPA has vast experience in the selling and purchasing of shopping centres, commercial properties, blocks of flats, shops, industrial and residential properties, We have close working relationships with other players in the market by being;

  • Property sales Specialists
  • Investment Analysts
  • Auctioneers
  • Liquidators
  • Attorneys and Auditors