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About Us

Company Overview

TUPA is a dynamic company with a staff complement of many years experience in the property administration field, responsible for a portfolio worth approximately R1.5 Billion. We are one of the few property companies, which is fully computerized with state of the art systems, and we pride ourselves on the professional and personal service that we render.

TUPA is committed to developing, re-enforcing and expanding long term relationships with its existing and prospective clients, as it seeks to maintain the highest levels of integrity, innovation, dedication, commitment and teamwork whilst performing to a common set of standards.

TUPA, with the necessary local knowledge and expertise, is compact and personalized enough to provide a professional real estate service.



Grow to become a substantial, well-recognized, and respected property management company and leverage this base to expand into property ownership.

Continue to grow and build a strong portfolio of both commercial and residential properties.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to add value, skill and knowledge to all property enterprises


Honesty, Integrity, Dignity, Respect, Responsibility & Superior service.

Business Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to be a nationally respected, successful and profitable business link for all property investors.


We plan to expanding our regional and national footprint aggressively over the next five years. Generating a lasting awareness of our brand and becoming a leading player in our field of expertise.

Tupa Real Estates


TUPA management team has been with the company for many years, bringing together broad experience from a number of niche industries and various technical backgrounds. Its management and staff complement, growing in numbers, form the backbone of its core competence and stability. This diversity provides effective solutions that are both professional andflexible in attending to their client’s requirements. While keeping customer services at the highest possible levels.

TUPA Due to the fantastic growth in the property market over the past few years and the accompanying difficulties and problems that arises with it, we endeavour to advise our clients of cost effective solutions to their problems, be it for a legal, accounting or whatever problem. We have various professionals available at short notice to assist should it be required. We believe in a pragmatic approach with hands on management throughout the complete process.