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What we do





TUPA 2012 (Pty.) Ltd. is a dynamic company with a staff complement of many years’ experience in the property field and is focused on delivering a highly personalised and professional service, using cutting edge technology, to their clients.

  1. Collection of rentals
  2. Letting and Lease Negotiations
  3. Student Accommodation
  4. Building Maintenance and Control
  5. Accounting and Administration
  6. Budgets
  7. Human Resources Department
  8. Social Responsibilities
  9. Property Development or upgrading of existing properties
  10. Turn-Key Projects
  11. Duties of a Managing Agent
  12. Additional Services

TUPA 2012 (Pty.) Ltd.’s management team has been with the company for many years, bringing together broad experience from a number of niche industries and various technical backgrounds. Its management and staff complement, growing in numbers, form the backbone of its core competence and stability. This diversity provides effective solutions that are both professional and flexible in attending to their client’s requirements.


Directors: Mr. L. Birkenstock (CEO) & Ms. S. Phetla

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