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Finance Department

TUPA’s Finance Department is responsible to oversee the full financial functions of our company.

These responsibilities include:

  • Handling our trust accounts and other bank accounts
  • Downloading payments received from owners, tenants and other entities
  • Allocating payments received to the respective properties
  • Handling all payments in respect of TUPA and our properties that we manage
  • Dealing with unallocated payments
  • Negotiating and payment of all TUPA creditors
  • Maintaining our Nicor © Property Management System and other relevant information systems
  • Paying employees and contractors of the properties that we manage and internally

Our Finance Department can be contacted on our office telephone 0114356210 and the responsible representatives are:

Mr. Mike Farrell

Financial Manager

Direct Extension : 205
Office: 0114356210
Email: mike@tupa.co.za


Mr. Gerhard Theron

Accounts Officer

Direct Extension :
Office: 0114356210
Email: gerhard@tupa.co.za


Mrs. Teresa Wilson

Accounts Officer

Direct Extension : 221
Office: 0114356210
Email: teresa@tupa.co.za

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Directors: Mr. L. Birkenstock (CEO) & Ms. S. Phetla

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