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Commercial Department

We further specialise in the letting and management of all commercial, retail and industrial properties. These properties include shops, offices, factories and agricultural developments. The letting and general management of all these types of properties are handled by our Commercial Department.

This department is responsible for the following:

  • Billing of rent, utilities and other relevant charges to these properties
  • Following up on payments for rental and arrears of these properties
  • Correction of incorrect invoices of these properties
  • Handling all maintenance and repairs to these properties
  • Handling the complete negotiations and signing of agreements for the letting of these properties
  • General management of these properties

They can be contacted on our office telephone 0114356210 and the responsible representatives are:

Mrs. Beatrice van Rooyen

General Manager

Direct Extension : 206
Office : 0114356210
Email: beatrice@tupa.co.za


Mr. Kobus van Wyk

Commercial Portfolio Manager

Direct Extension : 211
Office : 0114356210
Email: kobusvw@tupa.co.za

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Directors: Mr. L. Birkenstock (CEO) & Ms. S. Phetla

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